Division of Administrative Services
Division of Administrative Services Division of Administrative Services

WV Statistical Analysis Center (WVSAC)

​​The WV Statistical Analysis Center (WVSAC) is committed to supporting the agency's mission to foster public safety through research, performance measurement, and evaluation.  The Center is at the forefront of various contemporary issues related to policing, criminal victimization, and penology.  Our vision includes acting as a clearinghouse for citizens of the state by offering a single location for statistical information and, at the same time, going beyond descriptive analytical products to offer research that can provide direction on critical policy matters impacting the administration of justice.  The Center prides itself on bridging the gap between research and practice and meeting justice policy challenges through the use and dissemination of research and statistics.  We are committed to remaining engaged in the community and being a vital resource for research, data, and analysis for all citizens of the state.

Research Areas

The Statistical Analysis Center is a member of the Justice Information Resource Network (JIRN).  JIRN is a national non-profit organization of state Statistical Analysis Center directors and other researchers and practitioners throughout government, academia, and criminal justice organizations.  More information about JIRN and the work of statistical analysis centers across the county can be found at www.jirn.org​.  The WVSAC receives funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics to conduct research​ relevant to national priorities as well as state and local crime​ and justice issues including:

​     Adult and Juvenile Institutional Corrections

     Community Corrections

     Sexual Assault

     Domestic Violence

     Violent Crime


     Criminal Sentencing

     Substance Abuse

     Criminal History Records

     Crime Data Management

     ​The Center's research can be viewed at the Publications ​section of the website.  

The West Virginia Statistical Analysis Center is mandated under State of West Virginia Executive Order No. 3-97 and 42 U.S.C. 3732.

Mission Statement
The West Virginia Statistical Analysis Center's mission is to generate statistical and analytical products concerning crime and the criminal justice system for the public and justice system professionals and policymakers, establi​shing a basis for sound policy and practical decisions for the criminal justice system in West Virginia.​​​